Credit Card Fraud Alert Handling


In the current scenario of increasing financial digitization, the security of card transactions is paramount. In this context, we present an end-to-end solution for the automated handling of credit card fraud alerts, covering everything from initial detection to final resolution. Our solution is capable of efficiently processing a high volume of transactions, ensuring the integrity of operations and providing a seamless experience for both customers and involved financial institutions.

With an average monthly value of R$30 million in suspicious transactions handled, our automation is capable of managing over 55,000 alerts per month across our current clients in the financial sector. The automated process is effective and optimized, ensuring a prompt and accurate response to mitigate potential frauds.

How our processing flow operates to deliver consistent results:

Data Reading and Initial Detection
The client’s anti-fraud system identifies suspicious patterns in transactions; our solution quickly reads and analyzes this data, detecting unusual or non-compliant activities.

Business Rules and Card Blocking
Based on pre-defined business rules set by the financial institution, the automation determines whether a card should be preemptively blocked or not. These rules may consider parameters such as geographic location, transaction value, and customer purchase history. Any case that doesn’t fit within the pre-established rules is automatically routed for human handling.

SMS Confirmation
To ensure detection accuracy, the automation automatically sends an SMS to the cardholder, requesting confirmation or denial of the suspicious transaction. This not only helps reduce false positives but also involves the customer in the security process.

Reading and Processing SMS Response
With the customer’s response to the SMS, confirming or denying the transaction, the automation interprets and processes the response, incorporating it into the decision-making process, thus handling the fraud alert. If the transaction is denied, the block remains, and the case is forwarded for the back-office area to contact the customer and take appropriate action; if confirmed, the card is released. This step occurs quickly and accurately, thanks to automation.

Our credit card fraud alert treatment automation solution is an essential step towards strengthening the security of financial operations and ensuring customer trust. Our solution provides a secure and efficient environment for financial institutions and their clients. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive approach to fraud detection and resolution, contributing to a safer and more resilient financial ecosystem.

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